Oilers find peace, love, and unity at the Bell Tower

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The renowned musical festival, Woodstock, had its 50-year anniversary last August, and the University of Findlay held a “Celebrate Woodstock” event on Sept. 20 at the Bell Tower. It gave students the opportunity to participate with any talent they desire, including singing, magic tricks, or instrumental acts.


50 years ago, on Aug. 15, 1969, at dairy farm in Bethel, New York, people from all over the country came together for peace, love, and unity that could be found at the festival.


When Woodstock began, the country was in the midst of the Vietnam War. During that time, many young people strongly opposed the war. Woodstock gave these people a gateway to escape into music and spread their message of unity and peace.


The University of Findlay wanted to commemorate this historical event by creating an opportunity for students at UF, to have a night where they can come together as one and share their love for the arts.


Landon Smith, a fine art major, is the lead guitar player of his band, House Ghost. Smith has been a musician for about nine years now, having a deep love for psychedelic and classic rock. Smith was excited to go to the event on campus, as he is a fan of the festival, as well as the many musicians that performed.


“I’ve seen documentaries, spent countless hours watching the actual concert, and I primarily listen to a lot of the musicians that contributed to the festival,” said Smith.


Having this opportunity to see the university commemorate Woodstock is a very exciting experience for Smith, and many other music lovers on campus.


“It’s great that we can celebrate such an important event in the world of music here on campus. Woodstock inspires the type of music my band and I play, so it was awesome to ‘go’ to Woodstock,” said Smith.


The goal of this event was to show the students at the university the meaning of Woodstock, which was to live in peace, unity, and love one another. It also gave all students, talented or not, the option to spend time with other students to enjoy the show, and even tie-dye some shirts.

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