Oh, it’s magic: Joseph Tran visits UF

By: Abigail Frye



The University of Findlay’s Student Activity Board welcomed Joseph Tran onto its campus to speak with the community and students alike on Feb. 8 in Winebrenner Theological Seminary. Admission was $5 and this event was open to anyone that wanted to come.

Joseph Tran is a magician, an actor, a stuntman, and a comedian that is known for his guest appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke and his roles in We Are Soldiers or Coyote Waits. Tran has traveled all over the world to perform in front of audiences and talk to different directors and filmmakers to coordinate how they can use magic in the media. He also has the Magic Castle Junior Achievement Award under his belt.

Sydney Berlekamp, a Junior Nuclear Medicine major, was happy she got the chance to see Tran in person.

“I had never heard of Joseph Tran before this, but now I will definitely be keeping up with what he does,” said Berlekamp.

Tran has worked through many different jobs and draws his inspiration from Los Angeles, CA where the ideas for entertainment are never limited. He also spoke on the obstacles he faced as a performer.

“I never knew he had stage fright,” said Berlekamp. “I think it’s amazing that he overcame his fear to do what he loves!”

Tran focuses on not using flashy outfits and maintaining a chill vibe to connect with his audiences, and Berlekamp agreed that he did.

“He really kept my attention the entire time, which isn’t always easy!” said Berlekamp.

This comedian and magician hails from the entertainment city itself, Hollywood, CA, where his family consisted of ballroom dance teachers. Tran also had a neighbor that doubled as a famous magician who lived just down the street.

“I hope they bring in someone like Joseph Tran again,” said Berlekamp. “Or they can just bring him back!”

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