New Year, New Faces

By: Dylan Frazier, Pulse Editor
Twitter: @dylanfrazier44
As the new school year finally gets going, the Student Government Association (SGA) just finished up its elections for the new senator position. After the election results came in, the new senators for SGA are freshmen; Emma Smith, Ashlyn Coleman, and Heather Brimmer.
Rachel Robinson is the newest sophomore in SGA.
The SGA’s purpose, from its website, “facilitates allocating funds (received through student activity fees) among campus organizations. SGA has the authority to propose policies affecting student life that are then submitted to the Division of Student Affairs, the faculty or the Board of Trustees for final approval.”
It is made up of an executive board of six students, three senators from undergraduate classes, and one graduate senator.
Rachel Robinson, a newly elected senator, has some ideas in mind on what she thinks will make UF a better campus overall.
“My ideas are to change the time regulations the opposite sex is allowed in the dorms. They have attempted to confront this issue before, but I want to try again, because we are adults that are capable of making decisions,” said Robinson.
Robinson does want students to know that if you have a problem with something on campus, tell her.
“Since it is my first year in SGA, in order to help students, I wish they reach out to me personally. That way I know what the students expect to improve on campus and of course, I have a couple ideas myself,” Robinson said. “But, if I have direct communications with individuals, there is more I can accomplish.”
Ashlyn Coleman, an elected freshmen senator, hopes to bring some creativity to SGA.
“I hope I can bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to SGA as a senator. I love thinking outside the box and coming up with new ideas. I am very motivated and organized and I feel like I present a strong sense of leadership that can be used in SGA,” said Coleman.
Much like Robinson, Coleman wants students to know that they can talk to her if they have something, they want to tell SGA. Communication is important to her, as she thinks it helps promote a healthy campus.
“I will always listen to anyone and everyone’s opinions, no matter what they may be,” Coleman said. “I love trying to get more people involved with decisions and involved with things on campus.”
Emma Smith, also a freshmen senator, is excited to be a part of SGA. However, Smith is ready to get to work and help the student body.
“I am excited to positively reach so many different people on campus as well as be a part of something so important and special,” said Smith. “I hope to bring my leadership and hardworking skills to help make things happen effectively.”
Smith does have prior experience in working in a setting like SGA, which she believes will help her succeed in being a senator.
“My experience of being a member of National Honor Society, President of my 4-H club and Junior Fair Board, a senator at Buckeye Girls State and also the 2019 Hancock County Junior Fair Princess has given me the ability to actively solve problems,” said Smith.
Heather Brimmer, a freshmen senator as well, wants to help students and hopes to use the internet to find out what the student body wants.
“I’d like to help students by assisting I organizing events that make campus life more enjoyable. I’m very excited about the sense of community here at UF and I’d love to further that. I’d also love to use social media more as a tactic for promoting events and communicating with students,” Brimmer said.

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