Campus filled with flyers for work

By: Abigail Frye


Twitter: @Abigail_EF

For many college students, working while going to school is the reality whether it be to pay for tuition, afford rent, or splurge on Dunkin Donuts every week. Whatever the reason, work can be a vital part of the lives of students at the University of Findlay.

Flyers can be found all over campus promoting a multitude of different job offerings for students to make some money or get involved in some sort of work in the community. Holding a job while being in school can offer a few benefits as William Johnston, the Director of Orientation and Student Persistence expressed.

“The University of Findlay [and the community] offers a lot of different career and job opportunities while students are in school,” said Johnston. He hopes that seeing all of the different opportunities would encourage students to check them out while they are still at the college level.

“It can teach them to better manage their time and use the resources on campus more,” Johnston explained.

Johnston continued on to mention the possible stigmas that come with working while in school.

“One big misconception is that students that work do worse in school when all indications and studies prove students that have a job during their college career actually perform better,” added Johnston. “There is no correlation that working while in school actually makes you do poorly.”

Along with these benefits, sometimes a job can help out in more ways than just practicing good work ethic. Businesses like McDonald’s now offer tuition assistance to give students money upfront to help pay for classes at universities like UF. They also offer certain scholarships for employees of up to $7,500.

Despite all of these great opportunities that can come with working while in school, Johnston also explained that holding a job and taking classes may not be best suited for everyone.

“It really all depends on the student, what they’re involved in, and what they have time for,” reminded Johnston.

Even though it might not work in the schedules for everyone at the University of Findlay, the flyers everywhere are meant for those that are willing to gain experience in various areas of the workforce and check out opportunities that could help them in the future.

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