Annual Day of Giving a success

By: Abigail Frye


The University of Findlay hosted its Day of Giving from March 20 through March 21 with the motto #OilerUpGiveBack. With a goal and some pizza, UF was able to raise money for many students.

According to the Day of Giving webpage, the way students, faculty, and alumni could raise money was by challenges and matches. The challenges were an “all-or-nothing” challenge where donors would donate an amount of money if a certain amount of other people donated. Matches where a person could match a donor’s amount to double the amount given to the university.

The event started getting the campus ready for the event by having different events leading up to the actual days of the donations. Those at Findlay had the chance to show off their new Oiler outfits for the Day of Giving after the t-shirt swap on March 18. Students brought in shirts supporting other colleges and left with a new and improved shirt with the “Oiler Up” logo.

Jake Sarver, a senior political science major, was in charge of the Instagram takeover to keep students updated while spreading the importance of the Day of Giving and what all it can mean for the campus.

“We had a goal of 250 donors for the day and we surpassed this goal over 200 percent landing up at 551 donors and having over $88,000 dollars raised!” said Sarver.

The event was even extended an extra hour so even more people could have the chance to donate. Sarver explained how this event helps the students directly, and shows just how important giving really is.

“That money is going to go to so many aspects of this school, one of which being the Findlay Fund which gives the student body the scholarships that actually 99 percent of us are on,” said Sarver. “This event is an important way to show students and that giving is important in every aspect of your life.”

According to the University of Findlay email updates, all of the money raised comes right back to the University of Findlay. According to the Day of Giving webpage, the money raised goes towards academics, scholarships, and institutional and student life.

Sarver continued, “This means that more scholarships can be given and hopefully more students will have the ability to attend our institution, which, in turn, will raise the value of our degrees for years to come.”

The Day of Giving was not only a chance to give a little, but also to ring the Cory St. Mall bell.

“The Ring in Spring event was my favorite, having those who donate being able to ring the Cory St. Mall bell allowed for a fun way to get the word out and check things off our bucket list,” added Sarver.

Though Day of Giving has come to a close, there is more work to be done. Students can always participate at future giving events.

“This [year] was the most successful one by far, but seeing the fun in philanthropy is my goal for everything I do with Graduating Class Gift,” said Sarver.


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