A future for Findlay health students

By: Collin Frazier

Email: frazierc@findlay.edu

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On Sept. 20, The College of Business and Student Life Center held the Findlay Health Jobs Fair. This was an opportunity for students not only to ask questions about certain health professions they are interested in, but also for different health employers to find interns and graduates that could help them. Some of the professions that were represented at the fair were Mercy Health, Concept Health, and Encore Rehabilitation Services.


While it may be somewhat harder to land an internship at Mercy Health, Emily Rosebeck of Mercy Health, says that they are looking to expand on them.


“We are working to expand those [the internships] out starting with our nurse population” said Rosebeck. “We are also going to start expanding in our shared services departments. You’ll have information technology, you’ll have public health, you’ll have human resources, business management, and all those roles that are non-clinical.”


For internships, Mercy is looking for Sophomores and Juniors, preferably Juniors. As the transition from intern to employee for Mercy would be much easier when graduation comes around. Mercy also looks for students with a 3.0 GPA, are interested in working in a healthcare setting, and are looking to expand their knowledge.


Concept Rehab, headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, specializes in aiding nursing homes and facilities, with different locations around the Midwest. Some qualities that Concept Rehab looks for in Graduate Students, Dave Johnson, the representative from Concept Rehab, explained that “they would have to be interested in the geriatric population. They would have to have the degree and pass the boards.”


Concept Rehab does regularly accept internships from the UF, Dave Johnson said.


“Most schools we do job fairs [at are] schools where we do business. We usually have an affiliation agreement set up with the Therapy Program so that we can accept students to do their clinical rotations,” said Johnson. “It [gives] time for them [students] to experience working in that type of setting.”


Encore Rehabilitation Services, which specializes in Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT), while may offer few internships, Ardie Zimmerman of Encore, says they do allow for clinical rotation, once you are accepted into your program.


“Once you would get accepted into either the PT or the OT program, we have 134 skill-nursing facilities just in the state of Ohio alone,” said Zimmerman. “You can do a student placement for a clinical field work as part of your coursework to become a therapist.”


Along with clinical rotations, Encore offers job shadowing and internships as rehabilitation technicians.


So, while it may seem intimidating to find a job as a college student, UF is trying to help students find options through these job fairs. This is not the only job fair they are having this semester and you can find a list of when the fairs are at https://www.findlay.edu/offices/student-affairs/internships/Events

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