Findlay’s Indie now Findlay’s finalist

By Bo Terrill
Twitter: because_terrill

The year is 1973, and WLFC is only a little more than just a small room in the Frank J. Egner Center for the Performing Arts.

“[We] could barely get the signal everywhere in Findlay,” stated Douglas Jenkins, WLFC station advisor.

Flash forward to 2018, and Findlay’s Indie has been able to upgrade its power to reach five counties. Since its beginning, the radio station has undergone a lot of changes, like moving from Egnar to the Village, changing its’ logo, and developing a website.

Jenkins, who took over the station in 2014, explains the expansion of WLFC since its beginning nearly 50 years ago.

“Last March, we took out a little used talk studio and transformed it into the “WLFC Lounge” which is a place DJs can hang out, and also where we can host music performances,” said Jenkins. “So far we’ve had five or six bands come in. We’re shooting for one a month this year.”

These improvements are likely a major contributor to the three awards that WLFC is nominated for and considered finalists for. These awards include “Best Live Music Broadcast,” “Best Website,” and “Best Logo.”

WLFC Student DJ and University of Findlay Junior Chris Corso voices his excitement about the station’s nominations and all the hard work that goes into it.

“I think it’s a testament to how much work, effort, and love is put into the station,” said Corso. We all love working at the station and it’s just another thing to be proud about when we get to say that we work for WLFC.”

Jenkins states he can’t recall 88.3 ever being a finalist for these awards before. He does rememebr, however, that the live broadcast nominated for the first award is from WLFC’s memorable show, “The I-75 Stopover,” which featured a live performance by Indie Artist Carsie Blanton.

The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System will announce the recipients of the three awards on Saturday, March 3rd.

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