Let the voting begin

By: Abigail Frye
Twitter: @Abigail_EF
Email: fryea@findlay.edu

As the school year comes to a close, it’s time to start planning for the next one; especially if you are considering running for student government.
The University of Findlay held Student Government Association elections this week from April 4-6. Any student with a 2.5 cumulative GPA can run for their respective class position. With up to 20 open positions, students had many options for what role they would like to run for.
Rebecka Stricker, SGA senior class president and early childhood education major, explains the purpose of UF’s Student Government Association.
“Our role is to provide funding and oversight for organizations, as well as acting as a voice for the student body,” said Stricker.
Students can run for an office once they receive 25 signatures from people of their respective classes and send in a 150 word biography before the deadline. UF students have the opportunity to join either the executive board or the senate. Both of these elections happen each school year in the spring, with the only exception being the freshmen class elections held in the fall.
Stricker says it is the goal of SGA to give students a good experience while at UF.
“We also work closely with the Office of Student Affairs and Student Activities to give students a positive student experience at UF,” said Stricker.
Stricker explains the Student Government Association typically makes decisions regarding the budgets of clubs on campus as well.
“We hear all budgets that are submitted to propose funding for events campus organizations want to put on,” stated Stricker.
SGA also works with the administration so students can network outside of their major while helping to make decisions.
“SGA assists the administration by being a representative voice for the student body when stances on a new policy or change are proposed,” explained Stricker.
Ethan Hockaday, SGA sophomore class president and Japanese and graphic design double major, says SGA has helped him out during his time at UF.
“It has given me confidence as I have to discuss things with at least 20 people every meeting,” said Hockaday. “It gives me confidence to speak my mind.”
Both Stricker and Hockaday encourage all students to get involved in SGA, as all positions were open, but may not be filled.
“Students should get involved to make a difference campus wide and gain leadership experience,” said Stricker.
Hockaday agrees and says it gives students an opportunity to give back to the University.
“It gets you involved on campus,” said Hockaday. “Every student should be involved in one club, and this gets you closer to the administration side of campus.”
For results of this weeks’ SGA elections, check out the Pulse Online at https://pulse.findlay.edu.

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