Oilers Club supports over 600 athletes

By: Markell McCoy
Email: Mccoym@findlay.edu

The Oilers Club works behind the scenes of athletics as the official booster club for sports at the University of Findlay. However, not everyone might understand what the club does behind the scenes in support of more than 600 athletes.
Associate Athletic Director for Development and Business at the University, Jim Givens says the Oilers Club helps supporters such as alumni, family members, and friends connect to UF athletes.
“Our mission is to ‘inspire student-athletes to become motivated, well balanced and successful’ and without financial support, it would not be possible,” said Givens.
He explains the Oiler Club is not a new organization. It has been around for over 20 years. Before the specific group ‘Oilers Club’ was in existence, there was a similar, yet smaller, booster club called Varsity F. The reason for expansion was to include more members.
The athletic department is always looking for new members to join the club. Like most groups, social media is the largest used platform to raise awareness for the Oilers Club. In addition to social media, information about Oilers Club is advertised at all athletic events.
Givens explains that all gifts are accepted, but in order to qualify for benefits, there is a minimum gift amount.
“Any gift to the Oilers Club qualifies one to be a member. Benefits begin with a $50 gift,” Givens said.
Oilers Club member benefits have a wide range of possibilities. From recognition in game programs, to qualifying to have lunch with the coach of their sport of choice, to season passes, Oilers Club members reap many benefits. Givens says members of the club join for various reasons. He also states why he manages the club.
“Overseeing the Oilers Club was very important to me early in my career because it provided an avenue to establish and maintain relationships with donors or potential donors,” explained Givens. “Also, I understood the importance of the financial component. Those two elements inspired me to become as involved as possible.”
Givens says the Oilers Club helps all student-athletes to succeed in obtaining the ideal ‘championship experience’ as all sports are supported through the gift donations.
If you would like to join the Oilers Club or just read more information, see http://athletics.findlay.edu/oilers_club/Oilers_Club_Brochure_Web.pdf.

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