Oiler teams on spring break

By: Olivia Wile
Twitter: o_wile
Email: wileo@findlay.edu

It’s that time of the year. The sports teams in Oiler Nation seem to be all over the map, literally. Some are nearing the end of their seasons, while others are just getting warmed up. Whether in the post, pre, or regular season, however, a trend among teams seems to be traveling to nicer weather this spring break.
Among those traveling over break are the University of Findlay golf, tennis, baseball, and lacrosse teams.
Mackenzie Kennoy, sophomore and UF golf player, says her team traveled to Orlando, Fla. to play in a pre-season tournament on Monday, March 5 and Tuesday, March 6. Keenoy feels the change in scenery was beneficial for her team.
“We had a great time and improved because we got to hit off real grass,” said Keenoy. “[My] favorite memory was two of the boys jumped in the pool fully clothed after our team dinner!”
The golfers were joined in the sunshine state by the UF tennis team. Though they were in close proximity to the golfers in Orlando, Fla., the tennis players are in a much different stage of the season. Freshman Tennis Player Eliza Kirov says her team played five regular season matches during their trip, finishing with a record of 3-5. Though traveling primarily to play matches, Kirov says the team had some time for fun as well.
“My favorite part of the trip was by far spending time with my teammates and creating the absolute funniest and greatest memories in the house we stayed in,” said Kirov. “It was an overall amazing bonding experience for us.”
Joining the spring break travel squad is the UF women’s lacrosse team. The women were was also on the road facing regular season competition. Sophomore Ciara Burud says unlike tennis and golf, her team was all over the place this break.
“We went to North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Virginia. We played a game in North Carolina and then we went on a hike the next day,” explained Burud. “Then we traveled to South Carolina to play a game.”
The Oiler women are currently 4-0 for the season.
The UF men’s baseball team also traveled across states to compete over break.
“We traveled to Auburndale and Winter Haven, Fla. We also traveled to Carey, N.C. where we played at the USA baseball complex,” explained UF Baseball Player Austin Rawlins. “We played eight baseball games while we were down there and with the free time we got we spent it by the pool.”
Though in different parts of their seasons, and traveling to many different states, these UF sports teams do share one thing in common; working and playing hard.

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