What did he say?

By: Jacob Sarver
Twitter: @Senatorsarver
Email: sarverj@findlay.edu

President Donald J. Trump is no stranger to controversial comments. The one he made recently, however, has received more backlash than usual.

JAN 15 2018, 3:03 AM ET

In a recent meeting in the Oval Office, Trump was quoted referring to some countries as “sh**holes” and that he does not understand why the United States welcomes so many people from these countries.

According to the NBC News article, “In Norway, Trump’s comments on immigration rejected as backhanded praise,” the president used profanity while referring to immigration specifically from African nations. He even went as far to say that he believes the United States need more people from places like Norway. The article reports the president also told lawmakers that America should have more people coming from Scandinavian nations as stated by a Democratic aid.

His supporters are saying that at least he is speaking it like it is, that these countries are in bad shape, and that President Trump is just addressing the facts at hand. However, speaking in these terms about the countries that many people who reside in the United States are from can be seen as extremely un-presidential.

Understandably, this is not the only thing that Trump has done to make people believe he is an unfit leader, however the fact that our president is speaking of other countries in this way makes us feel divided as a world and shows we are more divided than ever as a nation. The fact of the matter is not whether or not the countries are in bad shape, it is the ideal that we shouldn’t make people from these countries feel inferior because of their origin.

Although Jon Dager, a senior at the University of Findlay and Trump supporter, believes there is relevance behind the presidents’ words, he does not agree with how he went about it.

“I believe that there is truth behind what he said, but I believe that Trump could have been more sensitive in his approach and it could have been said more eloquently,” said Dager.

The main issue is that this is just not something a president can say. Whether or not the countries are in the soundest economic state or not, is beyond the point. The fact that our president addressed a country in this manner coming from the highest office in the world is the issue at hand.

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