Thank U, Next – Ariana Grande’s newest single has a different take on exes

By: Abigail Frye

Well guys, Ariana Grande has done it again. With her impressive vocals and feminist message, she has managed to influence our entire generation.

Believe me when I say this is not something I would just say for anyone. I enjoy being critical of artists because of their misuse of their platforms and their habit of setting a bad example for anyone that pays attention to them. But, I do think that Grande deserves a lot of credit for her newest single “Thank u, next.”

First of all, let me remind you that this girl has really been through a lot in the past months. While I’ve been having mental breakdowns over it being too cold outside, Grande experienced terrorism firsthand at her Manchester concert when 22 of her fans lost their lives, faced heartbreak when one of the people she loved died of an overdose, and more recently ended her engagement.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I have no right to be upset about anything ever again. Grande has faced heartache more than once and continued to stand her ground. Her new single embodies all of the courage needed to get through these difficult times and directed them towards something we can all relate on: exes.

Typically, when you hear a breakup song, it centers around someone’s ex being a dirt bag who deserves to be hit with a truck or something. But this song? There’s none of that. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

Grande instead thanks her exes for what they have taught her. “One taught me love, one taught me patience, one taught me pain….” You can’t tell me that we can’t all relate to that.

This song is basically a power ballad for anyone who needs to recognize that not every goodbye is bad. We can learn something from everyone that comes into our life, and we can learn even more about ourselves once they walk out.

Grande took the pain she felt from the people she lost and turned it into a strength that we all envy. This song allows the listener to create a different mindset about their past that can benefit them in the future. Plus, it’s super catchy.

Listen to it just once and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Grande is truly shaping pop culture as we know it and honestly, I am here for it. This is a way better message than the vengeful and hate-filled breakup songs that we’re used to.

If we can’t adapt and overcome our struggles, how can we ever move forward? I applaud Ariana Grande for her recent single and I will continue to support her and her positive messages for the future.

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