Sadie, Sadie married lady

By: Juliyana Straley
Twitter: @jstraley7

The University of Findlay Theatre Program did not disappoint with this year’s musical, “Funny Girl.” The rendition of this 1968 classic was nothing short of spectacular. The singing, dancing, and costumes were all perfectly coherent. Though I could have dealt with a slightly shorter adaptation, I was constantly engaged in the production.
Abby Land, who played the female lead of Fanny Brice, was absolutely made for the role. Whitty and charming, Land encompassed what Fanny Brice wanted to be: the biggest, most spectacular star around.
I sat in the audience astounded by Land’s voice; the quality, tone, and strength were incredible. Sometimes it felt as though she could hold a note for forever! As a (wannabe) singer myself, it was amazing to hear notes be held for so long with such strength.
The orchestra didn’t miss a beat the entire performance either, and made each transition seamless. It can be often overlooked how imperative the orchestra is to a performance because they are not seen on stage, but I’m sure every actor would agree that this show could not have happened without them!
Senior Abbey Bumbledare worked behind the scenes for this years’ musical and says that the week of the musical alone, each performer and tech personnel put in at least 55 hours of work, “and that’s undercutting it!” said Bumbledare.
The University plays are so exciting because there are many familiar faces on stage. Students and faculty both share the stage to create one spectacular performance. The blood, sweat, and tears definitely paid off this semester.
A huge congrats to the performers, director, orchestra, and back stage personnel. It takes a village to put together such a performance and the University of Findlay should be honored to be affiliated with these hard-working people.

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