New friends and new skills

By: Bo Terrill
Twitter: because_terrill

I never really had an interest in going to sporting events throughout high school. I’d figured that college would be similar, yet here I am at the end of my freshmen year having gone to over half of all the home volleyball, basketball and football games.
As nice it as it would be to say that I suddenly got a wave of Oiler Pride that made me want to attend athletic events, that’s not the case. I did, however find a new family in Findlay Media Network.
The University of Findlay television station, UFTV, is an group that I joined early in the fall semester because I’d always enjoyed a similar program in my high school. Little did I know I would be filming football games, running graphics and writing for the student newspaper, the Pulse, all within my first year at UF.
To be entirely honest, even working with UFTV, I haven’t been a major fan of sporting events, but what made me sign up wasn’t the games being played, but the people I got to film with. The friends I made in UFTV and the Pulse have proved so valuable to me throughout my first year in college.
All I can say is that while I’m sad to say goodbye to those who are leaving as I enter my sophomore year, I’m excited to teach the new class what I’ve learned and continue to learn even more as the years go.

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