WLFC’s song of the week (9/29/17)

By: Joy Dolejs
Email: dolejsj@findlay.edu

This week’s song of the week is the upbeat, honest song Could You Wait ‘til I’ve Had My Coffee by Lisa Leblanc. The song’s lyrics are honest about the need for caffeine before talking about anything serious in the morning. This is something that many college students can relate to.

The song is upbeat and has a folk-rock sound. Lisa Leblanc has a raspy voice that will leave you wanting to listen to more of her music. It’s unique and catchy and will be stuck in you head for days if you listen to it.

I highly recommend Lisa Leblanc to those that like underrated music and enjoy listening to female artists that are a force to be reckoned with.

Power Current Songs
1. Barns Courtney-Golden Dandelions
2. Foxtrax-Grey Morning
3. Foster the People-Doing It For The Money
4. Shine On Me-Dan Auerbach
5. Youth-All We Are
6. Andromeda-Gorillaz
7. I’m In Love-Umm
8. This Time of Night-Chastity Belt
9. I Give You Power-Arcade Fire
10. God Save the Queen-Motorhead
11. In Cold Blood-Alt-J
12. Spoon-Tear It Down
13. Tiger Jaws-Brass Ring
14. Black Angels-Currency
15. Dion Lunadon-Howl

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