WLFC’s song of the week (11/3/17)

By: Joy Dolejs
Email: dolejsj@findlay.edu

This week’s song of the week comes from the latest release from Twin Peaks. Their latest song “Come for Me” is a song that will be stuck in your head for days. It has a melody that is infectious like many other Twin Peaks songs.

Twin Peaks kicked off the year by announcing they would be releasing new singles every month through the end of the year. The singles have been highly anticipated by fans. This approach is refreshing and different from the classic style of releasing full-length albums.

To those who have not heard of Twin Peaks, their musical style can be described as garage rock with some hints of punk and pop mixed in. Some musical influences include the Velvet Underground and The Grateful Dead.

Current Power Songs
1. Barns Courtney-Golden Dandelions
2. Foxtrax-Grey Morning
3. Foster the People-Doing It For The Money
4. Dan Auerbach-Shine On Me
5. All We Are-Youth
6. Gorillaz-Andromeda
7. Umm-I’m In Love
8. Chastity Belt-This Time of Night
9. Arcade Fire-I Give You Power
10. Motorhead-God Save The Queen
11. Alt-J-In Cold Blood
12. Spoon-Tear It Down
13. Tiger Jaws-Brass Ring
14. Black Angels-Currency
15. Dion Lunadon-Howl

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