Song of Summer 2017

By: Douglas Jenkins

At WLFC we have been constantly growing our music library. For, me the summer indie song of 2017 has to go to “In Cold Blood” by Alt-J. For the majority of the summer, “In Cold Blood” has been in our Power Current standings, which you can find at the end of this article.

“In Cold Blood” contains cryptic lyrics that are very unique to the Alt-J style. The horns in the song create a certain level of drama and increase the dynamics to an already haunting song. The song has a pop sound but strays from what we typically hear in pop music.

If you are interested in bands like Glass Animals, Arcade Fire and Foster the People, the new Alt-J album is definitely worth checking out.

Power Current Songs
1. Golden Dandelions-Barns Courtney
2. Grey Morning-Foxtrax
3. Apple Tree-Marika Hackman
4. This Year-Beach Fossils
5. Electricity-East 9th
6. Dance While You Shoot-Noga Erez
7. 1997-Jah Sun
8. Die Young-Sylvan Esso
9. In Cold Blood-Alt-J
10. 123-Girlpool
11. Skinny Water-Western Daughter
12. Ex-Pitcher-Fishboy
13. Supercharge-Shikari
14. Is-Zaib Khan
15. The World Laughs-She-Devils

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