Pick of the Week (9/15/17)

By: Douglas Jenkins
Email: jenkinsd@findlay.edu>

Looking back on WLFC four years ago, the amount of progress we have made is remarkable. When I started, the station had little structure. Now, we have rebranded ourselves and are constantly updating our library and rotating what we are playing. As we continue to grow, we hope to share new music with UF students by giving them a song of the week.

This weekโ€™s song is California by Sons of the East. It has a folk style that is reminiscent of Bob Dylan, but also similar to modern bands such as the Lumineers and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. The song is upbeat while the lyrics make the listener think.

The song has a very bouncy sound and instrument diversity with the use of harmonica and banjo. If youโ€™re looking for music that combines older and newer styles of music, I highly recommend giving Sons of the East a try.

Current Power Songs
1. Golden Dandelions-Barns Courtney
2. Grey Morning-Foxtrax
3. Electricity-East 9th
4. In Cold Blood-Alt-J
5. Sucker-Future Theives
6. Doing It For The Money-Foster The People
7. Tear It Down-Spoon
8. Shine On Me-Dan Auerbach
9. Youth-All We Are
10. Halfway Home-Broken Social Scene
11. Andromeda-Gorillaz
12. American Dream-LCD Soundsystem
13. Lazee Boy-Just Shy Of
14. Time On Her Side-Future Islands
15. Iโ€™m In Love-Umm

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