The opening of the Refinery

By: Grant Goetcheus
Twitter: @goetcheusg
The College of Business and Student Life had its ribbon cutting ceremony last month before the start of classes. Until recently, however, the newest food services haven’t opened their doors. This group of food services is called The Refinery.
The Refinery will offer a variety of different brands. It will offer students some new foods in addition to some of the same foods, just in a more convenient way. On Wednesday Sept. 6th, The Refinery opened its doors for a food tasting while this Monday it opened its doors for good.
Director of Food Services, David Harr, explains the purpose for the student preview last week.
“We invited guest to come in and we are just trying things out. Even though we are not open for business yet, we still got to make things and make sure everything works,” said Harr.
The brands included in The Refinery are:
• SubConnection: Here students can get made-to-order subs. 6in, 12in build sandwiches, build- your-own salads and personal pizzas.
• Grill 155: Similar to what was in the cave; Burgers, chicken tenders, chicken breasts, and fries. Onion rings are also on the menu. On the healthier side, there will be carrots and fruit cups. This grill will replace the grill in The Cave, which will be shutting down.
• Mein Bowl: Students can pick up sushi, made fresh daily. Authentic Asian style foods will also be served along with the option to order rice bowls. There will be weekly specials here as well.
• Tres Habaneros: Very similar to Chipotle, students can make their own rice bowls, tacos, and burritos.
• Oilers on the Go: This will feature grab and go food. Snacks, sodas, salads and sandwiches will be available.
• Jazzmans: Similar to the one in the student union with the addition of a larger menu. Jazzmans will remain in the AMU as well.
Bonus Bucks, Derrick Dollars, cash, credit and debit cards will be accepted at all brands in The Refinery, according to Harr.
Although many UF students are excited for The Refinery to offer a new variety of foods, some are not in favor of the change in locations.
Junior, Chris LaFlamme says he is not happy about the Cave moving to the new building.
“As a busy student with many classes outside of the new building, I found it convenient to go to The Cave for something from The Grill,” said LaFlamme. “I find it very awkward and very time-consuming to go to the new building instead of the AMU.”
Despite the mixed feelings about the Cave moving, Harr explains this project has been a long time in the making and has been based off the views and desires of the student body.
“We started this back in 2013, said Harr. “We did it all off of student focus groups and stuff. We were listening to what our students were looking for.” Harr also explains what type of restaurants the student body was looking for in The Refinery.
“Asian style foods was right up there, sushi was huge, and Habaneros was right in there. Everyone likes Chipotle. Subway was right up there so we had SubConnection,” he stated. So this is all based off of student feedback. We grouped it together to make it easier than going to different places on campus.”
Many students are excited about this newest addition to UF and view it as something different to look forward to.
“I think it will give more variety of foods and give people a reason to stay on campus for meals,” stated Junior, Kaley Barseth.

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