Brew U brings in young Bucks

Findlay sports pub draws in 18 and up crowd


     Uncle Buck’s & Boudreaux’s on North Main was bought by Darrin Karcher in December of 2015, but did not draw much attention until a signage change in March of 2016. The grand opening took place on St. Patrick’s Day weekend to relaunch the new pub.

     Uncle Buck’s was officially rebranded as Brew U Sports Pub under a new owner, but some of the same management. Karcher also owns the Old Stoney Ledge on Howard Street in Findlay.

     The “U” in the new Brew U logo resembles the “U” in the University of Findlay. Although it has the look of a college bar, everyone is welcome at the pub.

     “The name played off of the university a little bit, but we added sports pub so people didn’t think it was just a college bar” said Karcher.

     The name is not the only thing that has changed at the new sports pub. TV’s, food, including pizzas, drink specials and Keno have been added as well. The outdoor patio also features new TV’s and fire pits to keep warm during winter months.

     “There’s definitely more of a college feel at Brew U than Buck’s in my opinion, especially because you can get in at age 18,” said Michayla Stallings, senior psychology major at UF.

     Stephanie Radloff, junior journalism major at UF, also likes to attend the new pub because they don’t ID at the door. Brew U also has no cover charge.

     “All of our friends can go out with us even if they’re not 21,” said Radloff.

     According to Stallings, karaoke has been a huge hit on Thursday and Friday nights bringing in a large crowd. Free pool is on Wednesday nights and Saturday nights feature DJ “D Will.”

     “He’s pretty good and plays a lot of songs that people love to dance to. Personally, my friends and I go because we love to sing on Karaoke nights,” said Stallings.

     According to Stallings and Radloff, Brew U offers more of a college experience with a larger crowd since the transition from Uncle Buck’s to Brew U.

     “It seems like a younger crowd on the weekend with not as many locals as compared to Nino’s,” said Radloff.

      Once the weather warms up Karcher plans to have more special events to get more use out of the patio.  

     While Brew U is not currently hiring Karcher says that can change any minute.

     “We need help every now and then so it would be nice to have a fill in on busy nights,” said Karcher.

     Brew U is open Tuesday through Friday from 3 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

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