Homecoming weekend at UF

By: Trevia Gumbs
Email: gumbst1@findlay.edu

Students and families visit in the new Student Center for Student Life during Homecoming Weekend.
Homecoming Weekend is a tradition that almost everyone at the University of Findlay looks forward to. Once again, UF celebrated another successful homecoming with a theme of “Building Upon Traditions.”
“Homecoming is deeply rooted in American history and is known for bringing families, faculty and staff, friends, community members and students (past and present) together to celebrate the pride of the institution” said the Director of The Wolfe Center for Alumni, Parents and Friends Dee Dee Spraw.
The University hosted a variety of activities throughout the Homecoming Weekend. They included the Alumni Breakfast, the Oiler Family Brunch, the Oiler Bash and Arcade, the Grand Opening Celebration for Donors to the Center for Student Life and College of Business, and a fireworks display.
The traditional Homecoming Football also took place in which Adam Twinning and Holly Sargent were crowned Homecoming King and Queen. The Football team also captured their sixth straight victory.
Alexis Taylor was one of the ladies on this year’s Homecoming Court. She has been a part of several organizations around campus including the Women’s Basketball team, Black Student Union, the Business Future Leaders Initiative and Student Government Association. Taylor explains what it meant to be nominated for Homecoming Queen.
“One of my peers told me that they wanted to nominate me because they felt that I would be a good representation of diversity at the school. I figured it was worth a shot because they made some good points,” Taylor said. “I feel that it would be a good foundation for personal growth for me and my career. It would also give the university an opportunity to set a platform for diversity, growth and a more united student body.
Tynelle Gumbs was excited about her first Homecoming experience. Gumbs is an international student from the British Virgin Islands.
“Back at home, we do not have Homecoming,” Gumbs stated. “It was interesting to see how important it was to the people here at the University”.
As another Findlay Homecoming Weekend has come and gone, Spraw looks forward to the event each year.
“The University recognized the importance of the unifying event,” Spraw concluded.

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