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By: Olivia Wile, Editor
Twitter: o_wile

This year seems to be one of change and expansion here at the University of Findlay. With the addition of new special interest housing, the Center for Student Life and College of Business, and different food options, a new writing club joins the list of additions this semester.

Writing Club President Erin Weirrick says the idea for the club came to her last semester.

“I had the idea to begin the Writing Club when I was taking Advanced English Practicum in the spring of 2017,” Weirrick said. “I wanted a space for people who had a relationship with writing to get to know each other and talk about our work, while forming friendships at the same time.”

The club’s first meeting was held in Shafer library on Monday, Oct. 2. They plan to meet twice a month with their next meeting scheduled for Monday, October 23rd at 8:30 pm.

Weirrick explains the goal of the club is to bring attention to the writing center while also improving literacy at UF. She anticipates that in the future the focus of the club could shift toward writing and relationships

“I think this club could be a really great thing for the UF student community because it gives students a judgement-free zone to talk about writing, whether it’s their own creative work or academic writing,” Weirrick stated. “Our goal is to unite people through writing and help the students in whatever way we can.”

Stephanie Radloff, a senior and public relations major, says that she was also in the class that came up with the idea to start the club.

“I signed a petition to make it a club,” said Radloff. “So when I was in the class that came up with the idea for it, we thought it would be a good idea for the writing center tutors to meet each other.”

Although the club originated as a way for writing center tutors to interact, the idea has shifted toward generic writing club; meaning it is not exclusive to tutors or English majors.

Weirrick adds that the first meeting of the month is filled with fun activities while the second is usually a writing night where members either bring in their own work or write to a themed prompt.

“We are a very relaxed club and we know that student life is hard, so we want our meetings to be as stress-free as possible,” Weirrick explains.

For more information about the Writing Club contact presidents Erin Weirrick ( or Peyton Sibert (

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