UF enrolls lower number of international students

By: Chris Corso
Email: corsoc@findlay.edu

The University of Findlay has long prided itself on the diversity of its’ students. Throughout UF’s history of foreign exchange, student enrollment has continued to rise.

This academic school year, however, the numbers have declined. This fall, international student numbers totaled at 357 compared to last fall when the total number was 518. These declining numbers would normally be cause for concern. Interim Director of International Admissions Kelli Wages explains that it is the goal of her office to encourage a larger foreign population.

“The University of Findlay has always been committed to ensuring that each student is treated as an individual and with individual consideration of their needs and pursuits,” Wages stated. “To that end, our office is pursuing a more grass roots approach to recruitment going forward to ensure that every prospective student feels welcome and knows that they have a place amongst our community.”

The question remains if the controversy surrounding President Donald J. Trump’s travel ban policy in the spring of 2017 played a role in the decline.

Wages speaks on this topic, explaining why she believes the numbers went down in the first place. She states that a number of factors were, but not limited to, “changing visa processes in several countries that UF recruits heavily in, as well as domestic and international economic and political factors.”

The University expects to improve upon these numbers next year and looks forward to adding to the diversity that has made Findlay such diverse institution.

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