The party must go on

By: Juliyana Straley, Satff Writer
Twitter: @jstraley7

The landmark Nino’s Bar officially closed its doors, for good. No more beer pong on Wednesdays or Thirsty Thursday’s; time to stay in and get that homework done that you’ve been procrastinating all week.
Some people may like to think that, but in all reality college students will find a place to drink and party wherever possible, if that is their desire. The University of Findlay may be small but that does not mean its students do not go out and have a good time. Is the closing of a bar in Findlay going to keep its students from making bad decisions? Absolutely not.
According to, 80% of students drink alcohol and of that percentage, 8.5 million binge drink. Also, the average undergrad is drunk for about 10.5 hours per week (even if the local bar closes). Even though being drunk for over 10 hours a week seems a bit steep, the point is all the same. College students drink no matter what school you visit across the country. Do you think that if one local bar from every college on campus closed that drinking rates would go down? Odds are, unfortunately, no.
For example, imagine Walmart stopped carrying your favorite brand of cereal. You have had that cereal every morning for years and, suddenly, they stop carrying it on the shelves. However, the Kroger down the road carries that brand. Wouldn’t you shop at Kroger so you could continue your morning tradition with your favorite cereal? If one establishment stops satisfying you, you will go find another that will. Just like a favorite cereal, Friday nights out are a staple for many people and that tradition will always continue.
Now of course Nino’s did not shut its doors in the effort to stop college students from drinking. They simply did not renew their license. The closing of Nino’s is great news for Brew U; being right across the street from the old location of Nino’s. The two were competitors and now that Brew U has won, it could now be considered the most popular bar in town, where all of the “partiers” go.
Nino’s may be missed by their regulars, but the night life at Findlay will continue to remain the same.

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