Getting Involved with Findlay Media Network

The opportunities FMN offers to students of any major

By: Leah Palm, staff writer

As the University of Findlay is well known for programs such as Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Equestrian, and Pre-vet, many students are unaware of the media opportunities provided by UF.

The University offers multiple media outlets such as the campus radio station, WLFC, the campus TV station, UFTV, and the campus newspaper, the Pulse.

Through these outlets, students can gain experience covering and participating in events on and off campus. There are numerous opportunities within each branch of Findlay’s Media Network. Students can try out their DJ skills at WLFC, while they can write articles, take photos, or help design the Pulse. They can also learn how to film and edit video, cover UF sporting events, and be part of a weekly news show on UFTV.

These outlets are not reserved for any particular major so a student of any background can participate.

Chris Corso, a marketing major with a minor in graphic design, discusses some of the experience students can gain from working at WLFC.

“WLFC provides students with the opportunity to break out of their comfort zone and improve their public speaking voice with a smooth and fun transition,” Corso says.

Students are provided with training and experience to become an on-air personality at the radio station and can run their very own show. They can choose to run a talk show or can pick Indie titles to play on 88.3.

“The station also provides the opportunity to do other things such as production, learn interview skills, and get involved with UF sports,” Corso states.

Students can also get more involved with UF sports, campus events, and the community through UFTV. UFTV provides opportunities for students to create stories, interview Findlay community members, musicians, and fellow UF students. Students will learn camera operation, video editing, audio and graphics, and TV production.

Nick Balaj, a broadcast journalism/digital media major, explains that UFTV did more than just provide opportunities to learn.

“It changed the direction of my life. It’s why I switched majors from pre-vet to broadcast journalism/digital media. I found something I was passionate about and I actually enjoyed coming and producing the news show,” Balaj states.

Balaj explains that he plans to work in free-range creative film after graduating and UFTV has helped to guide him in that direction.

“It has furthered every aspect of video making for me. Even though it’s not free-range creative we still make graphics, figure out audio and graphics, and all of that will apply to creative filmmaking,” Balaj adds.

Heidi Paxson, a Junior at UF, elaborates on how the experience she has gained through the campus newspaper translates to her everyday life.

“The Pulse has been one of my favorite journeys in life. It has taught me how work hard, how to lead, and most importantly, how to manage tough situations with grace. The all-nighters, the busy days, and the hard work have all built me into a better journalist and a better person,” Paxon explains.

Findlay’s Media Network provides students with the opportunity to learn and explore various media outlets and the production behind them. The Pulse, WLFC, and UFTV are open to all students with any experience levels and supply opportunities to learn and grow on campus and off.

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