Women’s soccer coach leaves UF

By: Cory William Berlekamp
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Coach Crystal Dye has ended her run as the head coach of the University of Findlay Women’s Soccer team. On Friday, Nov. 3, Dye stepped down after seven years of coaching for the Oilers.

Although the team did not have a winning record this year, Dye’s departure from the school comes as a surprise to some of her players. Freshman Varsity Player Delaney Masteller says she was taken off guard by the coach’s decision.

“I was very surprised, originally she had individual meetings for each of us to go to but then there was just one big meeting, some people may have expected it but I didn’t,” Masteller said. “The past few seasons have been rough, the past season we didn’t have a winning season and the few seasons before that weren’t winning so I think she was thinking about leaving for a few years.”

Dye was known by both the UF Athletics Department and her players as stern, but fair.

“She gave good criticism,” Masteller said. “She was a little bit intimidating but she was a good coach.”

Director of Athletics Brandi Laurita enjoyed Dye both professionally and personally. Laurita oversees 26 sports at the University including the Women’s Soccer team.

“The girls would probably tell you she was pretty strict and pushed them because she saw their potential and I think she always wanted them to reach their full potential,” Laurita said. “I would joke with her because she was stone faced a lot and that she had to smile every once in a while but she was a genuinely good person.”

Although Dye’s reasons for leaving were left personal, the department believes she left the team in a good spot.

“She did some good things while she was here,” Laurita said. “I think she is leaving a program that is going to be ready for somebody new to come in.”

Although the position for head coach has not been officially posted, the Athletics Department is already getting offers from all over.
“We’ve already started to get flooded with people who are interested,” Laurita said. “We are going to find the best person for the job and make sure we a servicing our student athletes best.”

With lifting and conditioning for the players coming up for the spring season, Laurita reassures the players that UF is actively seeking a new head coach.

“The University is very much a family community so bringing somebody in that does want to be a part of that is important to me,” Laurita said. “We will keep the players involved in the process so they’ll get an opportunity to meet some of the candidates and have a voice in the process.”

Looking to the future, the team is confident that they are on the right track for a good next year.

“There is a lot of good things that happened towards the end of the season,” said Masteller. “A lot of good team wins and hopefully a lot of good things that we can build on and have a good spring season and next fall season.”

Dye left the school with the overall record of 34-60-11. She took the Women’s Soccer team to the GLIAC tournament in 2012 but missed the playoffs this year with their final loss to Ohio Dominican University.

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