UFTV to use Stretch Internet and Great Midwest Digital Network live streaming of UF athletic events

With football season is in progress, Oiler nation is ready to cheer on the University of Findlay football team. However, since the stadium is off-campus, some students might find difficulty in traveling to the games.

If this is the case, students will be excited to learn that UFTV will be filming all of the home games. The student-run media network makes it possible for everyone to catch the UF football team in action without having to travel to the field.

The links will be accessible from the athletics web page while links to watch the games will be emailed and tweeted out each week. While live-streaming games, UFTV will incorporate Stretch Internet and the Great Midwest Digital Network. These programs were launched in time for the 2017-18 academic year as the new Great Midwest Athletic Conference (GMAC) league’s primary video streaming platform.

The 13-member institutions and the GMAC conference will live stream video, audio and stats through customized portals that feature home and away contests for most GMAC sports. During the initial season the focus will be on broadcasting football, basketball and volleyball.  Other sports will be added as universities ramp up their broadcast service offerings.

Athletic Director, Brandi Laurita explains how UF’s transition to the GMAC this year will impact athletes. In an interview she states changes were made “to fulfill some needs that we had to enhance the student experience, provide our student athletes to compete against student athletes who are attending like-minded institutions with similar missions, vision and values and of similar size.”

Not only is the change anticipated to benefit athletes, but fans will also have additional resources to watch their teams live with the incorporation of the new Stretch and GMAC streaming technology.

The Great Midwest Digital Network will provide access to all 13 members’ competitions during the regular and postseason, and the HD video streaming Stretch provides will aid in both the viewer and student-athlete experience. The Great Midwest conference portal (greatmidwestsports.com) is an all-encompassing hub for fans to browse through links to video, audio and live stats. 

Stretch has also developed custom Great Midwest apps on the Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV platforms.  These apps will provide fans a seamless way to access content directly on their smart TV, tablet, mobile phone or desktop computers.  Oiler fans can access the content through UF’s portal is located at https://portal.stretchinternet.com/findlay/ or by searching for “Great Midwest” on the app interfaces on any of the compatible platforms, and then downloading the free Great Midwest Digital Network app.

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with the Great Midwest Digital Network, and stretch Internet along with UFTV to really provide the best viewing experience for all of our fans,”Laurita says.

UF Fans can learn more about the platforms and compatible devices at the following links:

Apple TV: https://www.apple.com/tv/?

Amazon Fire TV: https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Fire-TV-Streaming-Media-Player/dp/B00U3FPN4U?

Android TV: https://www.android.com/tv/?

Roku: https://www.roku.com/index

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