UF women’s volleyball team ranked 25th in NCAA Division II poll

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It doesn’t just take one athlete or coach to bring success, it takes a whole team to achieve greatness. The University of Findlay Women’s Volleyball Team has an impressive record of 15-1 so far this season, and they are not yet done.

As they are competing in a new conference this year, the G-MAC, the team is already achieveing more success than previous years. On Otc. 2, the Lady Oilers were ranked 25th in an NCAA Division II poll. This is the first time they have appeared on the poll since being ranked 25th in Oct. 2006.

The new conference allows UF to play against schools of similar size, rather than the larger public schools within the GLIAC. So far, the volleyball team have snagged fairly quick games against the smaller schools.

Not only will fans be excited to see what else is in store for this team, Head Coach Wick Colchagoff says that he wants his team to “continue to grow” throughout the season.

Returners, such as Junior Amanda Winner, Junior Hailee Olson, Junior Kara Scherger, and Senior Megan Wendel, have made a big impact on the teams’ chemistry. The freshman have also added to this mix by fitting right in. Jessica Reber, assistant coach for the UF Volleyball Team, says the girls flow well with each other which has been a key factor for the team’s success.

Scherger, the libero for the team, agrees that team chemistry has played a big role in their success.

“The best I’ve ever played with,” said Scherger. “We get along well on and off the court.”

Not only do the Oilers have team chemistry, they also have depth. “Anyone can step up and have a big game,” said Scherger.

Another major factor that attributes to the team’s success is both the experience of returning players and the drive the team has. Reber said that, “aggression on both offense and defense,” has contributed to their wins.

While preparing to play against teams, such as their biggest rival, Hillsdale, Wick adds that they watch film in order to learn from past matches. This ultimately helped the volleyball team when they beat Hillsdale College with a 3-2 win on Sept. 12.

So far, there have been good feelings about this season all around. Reber states the team is consistent with their wins and have a good start with the 15-1 record. Wick says that they are happy to still be undefeated in their conference.

Reber describes the team this year as “passionate,” win or lose. Scherger simply says they are a “fun” team, relating back to chemistry between the players. Wick wrapps it all up by saying that they are an “awesome” team altogether.

The Oilers are in action again tonight at Lake Earie College at 7 p.m. Their next home game is Oct. 18 at 7 p.m. against Urbana.

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