Taylor Bolinger leads the way for UF Women’s XC

By: Trent Williams, Staff Writer
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For Senior Taylor Bolinger, year-round training is nothing new. The Pre-vet & Animal Science Major from Kingston, Mi. has been running since her freshman year of high school.
As she was initially not recruited to run for the University of Findlay, Bolinger took initiative, reached out to the coach, and ultimately proved her worth as a valuable asset to both the women’s cross country and track teams.
“The last few weeks have been very successful,” Bolinger said. “I am very pleased with where I am over 4 years of running collegiately, the success over the years is showing more and more from the hard work we put in.”
With her busy schedule, Bolinger explains how she balances both academics and athletics.
“The most challenging part of running at a collegiate level is balancing being a student as well as an athlete,” Bolinger added. “Being a pre-vet major and taking a full load of classes makes it hard to practice with the team at times.”
Taylor’s most recent success was at the Tiffleberg Open Saturday, Sept. 16. As a team, the Oiler Men and Women finished 3rd overall. Bolinger won the women’s 6k race with a time of 22:23:0. This mark is only 45 seconds off the Seniors’ personal best and school record.
Going into the race that Saturday, Bolinger and the rest of the Cross Country team were notified that their coach got hit by a car while biking to the meet. Although it was traumatic experience for the team, Bolinger explains that they came together, remained composed, and performed under the stressful situation.
When asked what aspects helped her win the race that week, Bolinger stressed how big of a role Jesus plays in her training. As Bolinger attended Universal Training Camp in Boston, Ma. this summer, a camp designed to teach athletes how to apply Christ’ messages while training and competing, a large part of her race strategy revolves around “An Audience of One,” meaning racing for God .
Bolinger is excited for the rest of the season. She trusts as long as the team stays healthy and remains consistent with the hard work they have been putting in, more success should follow in weeks to come.
“I have an open mind for the rest of the season,” Bolinger stated. “Every day I try to make the best out of the current situation.”
She believes her greatest success, along with her school record in the 6000 Meter (21:38:0), is the leadership role she has taken on the team. “Being able to lead the team through and to success, and being a role model is very satisfying,” said Bolinger.

To watch Taylor and the rest of the Cross Country team in action this fall, check out http://athletics.findlay.edu/sports/xc/2017-18/schedule for a full schedule.

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