Findlay staff & students react over NBA trade

By: Markell McCoy
The University of Findlay has been riled up and raving about some recent NBA decision-making. Findlay has more Cleveland fans than one would think.
The reason for all of the excitement is because Kyrie Irving, former-player of the Cleveland Cavaliers, has been traded to the Boston Celtics for Player, Isaiah Thomas. There has been a lot of talk on whether the trade is fair or not. Assistant Professor of Sports at the University of Findlay, Eric Stoller, feels that the trade is interesting and rare.
“The two teams involved played in the Easter Conference Finals last year,” said Stoller. “Both teams are ranked as the top two teams in the conference upon the entry of the season.”
Stoller feels the trade was even and fair, although Boston will have a harder time recovering.
“Isaiah Thomas was the heart of the team this past year, people loved him,” stated Stoller. “The full effects of this trade won’t start until next summer.”
Professor Stoller is not the only person on Findlay’s campus who has something to say about the trade. Luke Edwards, a fan of the NBA and UF student, is not very happy with the trade. With Irving being one of Edwards’ favorite players in the league, he hates to see him leave Cleveland but is hopeful for the change.
“The Cavaliers received the upper hand in the trade between the two teams,” said Edwards. “Isaiah Thomas will be a nice addition to Cleveland’s team, plus they received two draft picks.”
On the opposing side is Junior Francis Cutchember who is not a fan of the Cavaliers. He does not value Irving as much as Edwards.
“Kyrie is not the best in the league,” Cutchember argued. “The team will be different on offense because Isaiah is not the same player as Kyrie.”
Similar to Cutchember, Stoller does not seem to mind seeing Irving leave the Cavaliers.
“Trades like these are great for the NBA. High profile players being traded gets people talking and thinking about the season early on,” Stoller explained. “This trade will get some hype as the Cavs and Celtics play on the first night of the regular season this year too. It is good for tickets sales, apparel, and all the media coverage.”
Whether or not they support the Cleveland Cavs, all three seem to view the trade as positive.
“The Cavaliers will be okay,” Edwards concluded, “they got another good PG to take over.”
Both the UF community and fans all over the country will have to wait a few more weeks until they can watch the effects of this trade in action. As Stroller mentions, the Cavs will kick-off their regular season on Oct. 17 against the Boston Celtics.

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