Fall art walk

By: Cory William Berlekamp
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Couple looking at Art on Nov. 1
On the evening of Friday, Nov. 3, the Findlay community came out to take in the sights and smells of Downtown during the Fall Art Walk.

Hosted by the Arts Partnership, the Art Walk, which ran from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. showcased local visual and performing artists in different establishments throughout the Downtown area. With over 35 artists to visit in 22 studios, restaurants and shops, there was plenty to see and do during the Findlay Art Walk.

Although the Arts Partnership hosts a variety of fundraising and community activities throughout the year, Executive Director Peggy Grandbois thinks the walks are a great way to bring the community together.

“It’s hard to tell how many people come but it is at least a 1000, the streets are crowded,” Grandbois said. “Of course it depends on the weather, but people put on a coat or pop open an umbrella because they really look forward to this.”

The event encourages people to be a part of their community and helps promote culture in the area by hosting these artists. Kan Du Studios, located on 328 West Main Cross St., was showcasing Artist Jodi Hassan. With this being her first time participating, the photographer and painter was happy not just to visit the walk, but to be a part of it.

“I happened to get lucky enough to get a slot here during art walk,” said Hassan. “I’ve been to art walks but this is my first year showing here. I’m excited and interested to hear what everyone has to say.”

With the different kinds of artists being showcased around the establishments, there is a niche for everyone in attendance. The mixture of performing artists, photographers, painters, sculptors, and mixed media composers promote a feeling of community rather than the traditional atmosphere of a museum.

“The diversity of the performers and the artists is fascinating because you don’t typically see these people during the week,” said Grandbois. “It’s nice to see how many artists we have in our community.”

Taking a break at Coffee Amici on Main St. from the action, Paige Rosselet and her friend Julian Escobar were enjoying a warm drink before venturing back out.
“Everything is just really gorgeous and brings a really good emotional stance in each room that you go in to,” Rosselet said. “You come across people that share the same interests as you and it feels good to actually talk to them about that.”

While sipping from his coffee, Escobar agreed.

“It’s about the diversity and being open, and definitely enjoying themselves and not worrying about the material things in life,” Escobar said. “With art you can do whatever you want with it and people can’t judge you for it.”

With the University of Findlay being only a few blocks away, Grandbois thinks that “the community would love to see the students come downtown” and so would the artists.

“It is always nice seeing the students out and about and seeing everything Findlay has to offer outside of the University,” said Hassan.

The walk is free for everyone and happens every first Friday in November and May with the next one being on May 4. Grandbois encourages people to take part in these walks among the other free concerts and fundraising events they host throughout the year.

Anyone looking for information regarding these events or the Arts Partnership can call them at 419-422-4624 or visit their website at artspartnership.com.

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