Board of Presidents are excited for the upcoming year

By: Jacob Sarver
Twitter: @Senatorsarver

When it comes to organizations at the University of Findlay, the Board of Presidents, or BOP, is an important aspect. Run by the Student Government Association, the BOP is a necessary part of any UF student-run organization.

The BOP consists of a meeting in Winebrenner Theological Seminary where all committee leaders for any student organization on campus learn how to successfully run their group. As this happens once a semester, the purpose is to make sure that those in charge of organizations understand the process of budgeting.

The main aspect of the Board of Presidents is to explain and work to manage the funds from the Student Government Association. SGA President Rebecka Stricker says any student organization needs to request for money from the Student Government when it comes to different events.

“With the exception of fundraising events, student organizations are not limited in the amount of times and amount of money they can approach SGA for,” Sticker said. “However, this is why members of SGA take the budgeting and allocation process so seriously. There are over 100 active student organizations that are eligible to request funding from SGA each semester.”

When it comes to budgetary expenses, SGA allots up to $500 to each organization. With purchases over this amount, the treasurer of the group is required to attend a senate hearing where they must present their case as to why it would a useful expense for SGA to help fund.

Last year, the University of Findlay dropped a significant amount of money on the Jason Derulo concert in September. When speaking with Stricker and SGA Treasurer, AJ Kittle, they were unsure of the actual amount that was spent.

“Over the past few years, SGA made the decision to begin saving for a larger concert,” said Stricker. “Overall, costs associated with the concert did not impact the allocations SGA provided to student organizations this past year.”

President of Theta Chi, Sam Warye, says each year brings a new administration and each year; it takes some getting used to how the SGA operates with its new members.

“Under the new administration, it seems to be a more streamlined and workable time entering in a budget,” said Warye. “The last administration made it more of an uphill climb for even the simplest budgets and requests.”

AJ Kittle was able to clarify a few aspects of the budgeting process. He explains the money given to the student organizations is based on the number of students.

“With student activity fees being $60 a semester or $120 a year, this is added straight into your tuition,” Kittle stated, “which comes out to be around a half million for the school year.”

The student organizations on campus have normal stipulations when it comes to receiving funding. However, budgets are rarely denied.

“As freshman president, I had to think about the people in my class during senate hearings, is this worth my money?” Kittle stated, “Thinking solely on what we feel will be the most educational and how well the event went last year if this is a reoccurrence.”

The only true stipulation is whether or not the supplies students are asking for are already available from the University. If an event has the necessary educational aspect, there shouldn’t be as much of a reason for a denial.

Kittle explains what he wishes the organizations at UF understood.

“We put in just as much work when it comes to events as those who are hosting,” Kittle stated. “We put in so much behind-the-scenes work that isn’t always seen, but we strive to make the process as easy as possible for you.”

The Board of Presidents is essential for preparing all student organizations for success. When it comes to the budgeting process, planning, scheduling meetings, and gathering food, the BOP is the only way to learn.

“If there is any way we can improve or a way that would make things easier please reach out to us, we would love to know. We strive to improve and we strive to make this campus better,” Kittle concluded.

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