Unknown gas in the Haven

UF officials still don’t know the source of the Aug. 27 gas leak 

By: Alexis Mitchell

Burning throats, eyes watering, and running noses. These were the symptoms some people faced during a gas leak in the Haven residence hall on Saturday, Aug. 27.

Security is still not sure what the gas actually was, but it did not have a smell and seemed to be some type of pepper spray or mace, according to William Spraw, the police chief at the University of Findlay.

“We have taken this situation very seriously and have spoken with some witnesses,” Spraw said.

Jonda Krontz, a freshman intervention specialist major who is also a resident living in the Haven, was there at the time the gas leak happened.

“A lot of people were just very confused at first, questioning if they should be inside still, and coughing a lot,” Krontz said.

The situation first started with a student calling to report burning in the throat and nasal passage. When security officers arrived, they began having the same symptoms. The Haven was then quickly evacuated and the Findlay Fire Department arrived to air out the building. Residents in the Haven at the time had to stay out of the building for about three hours.

A Haven resident assistant declined to comment on the gas leak.

Security is still investigating to find out exactly what this gas was, and if this situation was accidental.

If you have any information, you can remain anonymous by reporting it on the website:


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