Thank you El Nino

Unusual weather pattern brings warmth to Findlay

By Mac Williams

One week ago the sun was beaming through the clouds and the trees were rustling with the breeze that had drifted in. Snow was nowhere in sight, and the temperature was soaring into the 70s. Students on campus were walking around in shorts and T-shirts for the first time this year, the only problem is that it is March not June. Warm weather that comes this early in the year usually lasts for a day and then is gone, however, that might not be the case this year.

According to Kyle Adams, chief meteorologist at WLIO in Lima, Ohio, the warm weather is the result of an unusual weather pattern that occurs approximately every five years called El Nino.

“El Nino is the warming of the ocean waters in the Pacific Ocean off of the coast of South America,” said Adams. “In El Nino years, weather patterns shift all across the globe because of the change in the ocean water temperature, and in years when it has been strong (like this year) history shows that the weather pattern generally favors a warmer than average winter for us here in Ohio.”

It also appears that spring break came one week too early this year for University of Findlay students. According to the Weather Channel, the temperature in Findlay on March 8 was 73 degrees. The following day, March 9, another record high temperature was recorded when the thermometer hit 66 degrees in Findlay, according to the Weather Channel. With temperatures this high this early in the year, Adams said that he expects the warmth to continue through the spring.

“That’s not to say that we won’t get another stretch of cold weather here or there, but I think in general temperatures will be above average,” said Adams. “As far as the summer goes, that still has yet to be seen.”

With all of this warm weather flooding the area in recent weeks it has also given students a little bit of spring fever. According to Ashley Overmeyer, a sophomore business major at UF, the warm weather has really allowed her to get outdoors.

“Whenever we get warm weather like this I take full advantage of it,” said Overmeyer. “I personally like to get out and run or go to the park with my dogs to enjoy the sunshine.”

The warmth has also brought a lot more people out on campus as well, according to Overmeyer. The chance to get out and enjoy the outdoors is something that she has noticed people taking full advantage of lately, she said.

“I’ve noticed a lot of people out on Cory Street over the past week or so,” said Overmeyer. “I think people are just ready for summer and for the semester to be over at this point.”

While the semester may not be over just yet, spring fever and summertime temperatures are sure making the case that winter is over for good. According to the Weather Channel the forecasted high temperature on March 26 is 61 degrees. With the month of March coming in like a lion, the saying appears to be holding true in that it will go out like a lamb.

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