Student involvement has decreased

Despite a rising enrollment, less students are involved in campus organizations

By Kate Bauer

One of the best ways to get the most out of the college experience is by joining clubs and organizations on campus. According to organization leaders, numbers at the University of Findlay’s on-campus events have decreased in the spring semester. Despite this, though, they believe it is important to see the significance that attending campus events and club meetings can have to prepare a student for a meaningful career.

According to senior Student Government Association (SGA) president Nick Thompson, there are over 90 campus-recognized organizations active on the University of Findlay campus.

Thompson recognizes the importance that being involved has on college students.

“Being involved in campus activities is so crucial to your college experience. Whether it’s planning an event or holding a leadership position, learning the responsibility and maturity it takes to balance that while being a full-time student truly helps prepare you for the real world,” said Thompson.

Dallas Smith, fifth year pharmacy student and president of Aristos Eklektos, noticed a decline in student attendance at campus events this semester. He thinks that this is due to the ways in which meetings are conducted.

“There has most definitely been a decrease in attendance and participation.  I would attribute this to how meetings are being run across organizations at UF. I believe students are looking for more in meetings, they want to make connections while having a little fun.  Meetings need to have more of an interactive approach besides just focusing on the business side of the organization,” said Smith.

Despite the decline in numbers, though, student organization leaders offer some insight regarding ways to improve attendance at future events. Smith notes that since the incoming class each school year comes with their own unique traits, it is important to cater meetings and events around their own personal needs.

Smith said, “[in order for student organization numbers to rise], there needs to be a revolution of sorts to restructure meetings to appeal to the interactive and enjoyable part students are searching for.”

Not only does being involved provide a fun way for students to meet and interact with one another, it also provides excellent leadership skills students can use in their future careers. According to an article by John D. Foubert and Lauren U. Grainger for NASPA Journal, “research proves involvement in student organizations in college has a strong impact on many areas of self improvement including career planning, life management, and cultural participation.”

Senior, Circle K Dance Marathon Committee executive director, Brooke Boznango realizes the importance that being involved will have on her future career as an educator.

“Being involved has helped me grow as both as a person and as a leader. I’ve learned to work with a variety of people that will benefit me greatly in my future career as a teacher. It has taught me more abut myself and the type of person that I am and the type of person that I want to be,” said Boznango.

While planning for next year’s events has already begun and with the anticipation of the constantly growing student body, students can expect the following year to be full of ways to get involved and make lifelong connections in the new school year.

“Being involved helps you meet new people and expand your horizons. You build on the skills that you have and develop new ones along the way,” said Boznango.

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