Student employment on campus

1,167 Oilers held on-campus jobs in 2015 

By Kelsey Nevius

According to Sean Boley, director of student employment at the University of Findlay, research shows that students who work part-time (less than 20 hours per week) throughout college actually perform better academically than those who do not.

The struggle of being a college student is usually twofold: both striving for high academics, and supporting yourself through jobs on and off campus. Though outside jobs may earn you a higher wage and plenty of opportunities to explore your career path, jobs on campus provide convenience and variety, as well as a steady pay check.

University of Findlay junior Marinna Mercer has taken advantage of the jobs on campus and tutored at the Academic Support Center last year. This year, she decided to explore more opportunities in her major rather than tutor.

“I made $9.10 and then $9.35 and at first it was worth it and I enjoyed it, but I don’t particularly like teaching,” said Mercer. “Chemistry is the only thing that people needed help with and eventually I did not enjoy it anymore, so I decided to not return this semester.”

Along with Mercer, many students receive their paycheck from the University. According to Boley, last year there was a total of 1,167 students on payroll at UF. And, compared with last year’s totals, the number of student employees continues to grow.

Boley also states that there are a variety of jobs students can consider when sending out their resume.

“Almost every academic department, administrative office, and auxiliary area employs students in a variety of capacities,” said Boley. “Sodexho Campus Services also employs a large number of students in its dining and catering services located on campus.”

Although every job differs, students will usually start out at minimum wage.

“Each job is graded based on the duties, responsibilities, or skills needed to successfully complete the job,” said Boley. “All jobs pay at least $8.10 (state of Ohio minimum wage). Wages at the University of Findlay range from $8.10 – $10 an hour.”

Each on-campus job has opportunity for growth, as well as opportunities for advances in pay. Boley stated that there are longevity wage increases for students to achieve if they continue to work the same position for their 3rd, 5th, and 7th consecutive semesters.

Every student differs in their needs for money, and Boley states that some work both on and off-campus jobs depending on these needs.

Whether students decide on an off-campus or on-campus job, or a mix of both, it’s a positive addition to both their schooling and their bank accounts.

To explore on-campus job opportunities, visit My Findlay, log in with appropriate UF credentials, select the student intranet tab, then explore the Cash Network.

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