Shafer Library replaces computer lab with sound booths

One Button Studios provide technology for presentation practice 

By Mac Williams

As students are settling into this semester, many will start to go to their familiar study spaces. For those students expecting to go to the computer lab in the library to study, think again.

According to Matthew Kraut, academic technology specialist at the University of Findlay, the computer lab in Shafer Library was eliminated to make room for two One Button Studios. The University of Iowa describes One Button Studios as a sound booth that allows students to see their presentation in front of them so they can better record their presentations.

According to Kraut, the work started on the project at the beginning of the summer and is scheduled to be completed by the second week of September.

“Campus employees have been working very hard since the start of Summer break. With that being said we expect our students to find these new studios helpful when dealing presentations and speeches among other things,” said Kraut.

The decision to eliminate the computer lab in favor of the sound booths was an easy decision, explained Kraut.

“We had a high demand for our current One Button Studio and combining that with very low use of the computer lab by students we felt it was a necessary change,” said Kraut.

According to Kraut, UF had software installed on the computers that allowed ITS to determine what applications were being used and often.

“After we looked at the data we collected over a semester we determined that most students were using the lab to check email instead of using programs and other available resources,” said Kraut.

The library did not, however, totally eliminate all of the computers.

“We moved four computers to the front of the main room in Shafer Library so students can still come and work on those computers if they would like,” said Kraut.

Also according to Kraut, along with the four computers in the main section of the library, there is one on the 2nd floor and 19 laptops available for checkout from the library’s front desk. When the rooms are complete, users will be able to sign out the rooms themselves through an email room reservation. Instructions will be posted at once the new rooms are completed, explained Kraut.

As for community member usage of the rooms, according to Kraut, the rooms are available to students, faculty, and staff only.

According to Matthew Wilkins, a junior computer science major, the change will be good from a student resource stand point.

“We already have multiple computer labs on campus, so I think eliminating one that is less widely used and replacing it with sound booths that can help students become better communicators is great for students,” said Wilkins.

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