SGA to host Jason Derulo, Grace, JordieRob

Over 1,600 tickets have been sold so far for the Sept. 8 concert 

By Sarah Stubbs

The University of Findlay’s Student Government Association (SGA) announced on July 25 that Jason Derulo will headline a concert on campus in the Koehler Recreation Center on Sept. 8.

Tickets are $30 for UF students, faculty, and staff and are $40 for community members. They can be purchased via the Marathon Center for Performing Arts website.

Opening for Derulo will be Grace, an up-and-coming artist whose song “You Don’t Own Me” is on the radio and in the movie “Suicide Squad,” playing in theaters now.

Also opening is UF’s very own JordieRob, or Jordan Garcia. JordieRob graduated from UF in the spring and is working in marketing for the Cleveland Browns. Even with his new career, he continues to write and produce music.

Last spring, near finals week, JordieRob performed at a local bar, Nino’s, and drew a crowd much larger than the typical turnout. Yesterday he performed again at Nino’s, giving Oiler Nation a taste of some of his new music that might be part of his opening act on Sept. 8.

According to SGA President Forrest Miller, it just made sense to bring JordieRob onto the scene.

“Once we had confirmation from Jason, we made contact with JordieRob to see if he would be interested in being a part of the show,” Miller said. “The University of Findlay is extremely proud of the work of our alumni, and including a recent UF alumnus in the event is a great way to promote a fellow Oiler.”

On Aug. 5, when JordieRob’s opening act was official, he tweeted that he “couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity.”

“I think adding JordieRob to the show provided in the facilitation of OilerNation Spirit and excitement about the concert,” Miller said.

School spirit is what JordieRob is all about. In fact, one of his songs that can be heard on his Soundcloud account is called “OilerNation.”

According to Miller, over 1,600 tickets have been sold as of Aug. 23. SGA’s goal for the show is to sell 3,000 tickets, even though the maximum occupancy in Koehler is 5,000.

With the $30 and $40 ticket prices, 3,000 ticket sales would keep SGA within its budget.

“Any ticket sold over the 3,000 will reduce the cost SGA planned to cover for the event,” Miller said.

SGA is funded through the student activities fee students will see on their yearly statements. SGA uses and distributes these funds for events on campus or programs and projects that will improve campus, such as the new AMU renovations.

The budgets that brought in the Plain White T’s in 2014 and Parachute and Ben Rector in 2015 are not far from the SGA’s current Jason Derulo budget. The only difference is the first two SGA concerts were free.

“With that budget, we would be unable to provide the type of top-40 act that students want to see. We found that charging students provided us the funds necessary to bring in the type of act students were searching for,” Miller said.

Miller said that the ticket price was strategically determined.

“With a current enrollment of over 4,000 students, we made the budget based off a ticket count of 3,000 to account for those whom may be unable to attend. We took our estimated total cost and subtracted what the SGA Parachute – Ben Rector cost. We then were able to find an average price per person for 3,000 tickets to cover the remaining portion. As of now, we are on budget,” Miller said.

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