Security asks for patience, understanding for parking on campus

About 60 spaces lost due to COB construction

By Kelsey Nevius

With the new construction of the College of Business building on Davis Street, the University of Findlay lost a sizeable amount of parking spaces. According to Steve Baum, captain of safety and security, UF lost about 140 spaces when construction began.

Though IUF lost some spaces on Davis Street, Baum stated that extra spaces were readily available in lot 28, across from the Koehler Center.

Baum said that 70 to 80 resident spaces were not being used in the lot, and made up for some of the spaces lost to the College of Business building. So, according to Baum, UF lost about 60 spaces.

In addition to the spaces in lot 28, Baum and the security staff also made some changes around campus to accommodate for the lost parking.

“We’re trying to be flexible,” said Baum. “We know the parking situation, and we made some adjustments this year, like taking the visitor spaces between the Davis Street building and the FRC and making them faculty and staff spaces, which freed up more spaces across the street for commuters.”

While the construction is still underway, and will remain so for a while, there will be less parking. Even with the limited parking, UF main campus security officer Howard Rader said that they haven’t really had an increase in tickets.

“Within the first week, which is just warning tickets, I probably gave out only about 100 tickets. The following week, I probably gave out half of that,” Rader said. “Students will come in and talk with us because we give a five-day grace period. If you just come in and talk with us and explain your situation, what was going on at the time, and if it’s a legitimate reason, then we’ll sometimes forgive them for it.”

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