Oilers spend summers interning

How past internships create job opportunities for UF students

By Heidi Paxson

Throughout the 2015-2016 school year, the Office of Internships and Placement at the University of Findlay has continued to encourage and help students find various major-related internships and jobs.

UF’s mission is to equip students for meaningful lives and productive careers in college and beyond. This mission statement encourages students to become involved with on and off campus experiences while still in college so that students can network with various potential employers and learn how to act in a professional environment.

“Everything that we do is to enhance the student’s experience and prepare them to be ‘job ready,’” says Brad Hammer, Director of Career Placement.

Many students and staff at UF are strong believers of experiential progression during college.

“As you continue to progress throughout your college career, we would like to see more and more things going off of campus, so that students have additional networking opportunities and are exposed to a wider variety of experiences,” says Hammer.

Various students on campus agree with that statement and some even have a job lined up after graduation.

Student Emily Schaefer, a senior who is graduating this spring, has a job lined up at the National Reigning Horse Association. She says that her summer internships helped her to secure the job.

“If you work hard in various internships, it will definitely open doors to a job opportunity after college,” says Schaefer.

Will Adeboyejo, digital media major with a focus in motion production, says that UF has taught him how to act appropriately in a college environment and in the professional world after graduation. He has interned for the Mahoning Valley Scrappers and for reality TV shows.

“My internships have shaped me into the man I am today. They’ve taught me how to be a better cinematographer and have also shown me how to act professionally in a work environment,” says Adeboyejo.

Adeboyejo encourages UF students to reach out of their comfort zone and to not be afraid to network and apply to internships that spark an interest.

With summer coming up, students are encouraged to apply for major-related internships. The Office of Internships and Placement is located in the first floor of Old Main.

Students who feel uncomfortable making that first step are encouraged to make an appointment and get help figuring out which internships will help students be as successful as possible.

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