New logo transition will be complete Aug. 2017

How it happened: The logistics of the logo change

By Kelsey Nevius

The afternoon of Feb. 24 marked a significant addition to the University of Findlay’s rich past and bright future. At 2 p.m., a new UF logo and brand identity was introduced, and the switch from the old logo to the new one began.

While the University is still adjusting to this new change, vice president for enrollment management and member of the team who presented the logo, Rebecca Butler, has received a lot of positive feedback on the project.

“I have received nothing but positive comments, not only regarding the logo design itself, but the professional and creative way in which the logo was revealed to the campus community,” said Butler. “With any new graphic identity rollout, there will be some who do not care for the design, but overall it has been a very positive reaction.”

Rebecca Jenkins, director of marketing and communications, explained the process of obtaining and transitioning to the new logo. During the course of the unveiling and spread of the logo, Jenkins said that the promotional materials given to students, faculty, and staff at UF included 500 swag bags and 2,500 T-shirts.

Jenkins also stated that the whole process of creating and spreading the logo was done in-house by the office of marketing and communication, with additional monies coming from other campus resources.

“The only direct costs incurred by the University to create the new mark was used to give faculty and staff with business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and shirts. The cost for these were covered through general marketing office budget and through a Goal-Getter Grant from the University,” said Jenkins. “The T-shirts given to students were funded by the Student Government Association.”

The only direct cost, that of the new business cards, letterhead, and envelopes which were given out at the launch event, were under $5,000, according to Jenkins.

However, the project isn’t over yet. The transition from the old to the new logo is still taking place, and according to Jenkins, will continue to transition over time.

“Our goal is to have everything else changed over to the new logo by Aug. 1, 2017,” said Jenkins. “This timeline is to enable campus to make the change over time, as typical annual updates need to occur instead of getting rid of everything right away. This helps keep the cost to re-logo everything at a minimum.”

While this transition is taking place, all of the items with the old logo will not go to waste, but instead, another campus initiative contributed to the change.

“All of the old business cards, letterhead and envelopes were collected during a stationary recycling event on Feb. 25 organized by Findlay Green Campus Initiative,” said Jenkins. “The event was very successful, with more than a truckload of outdated stationery taken to Litter Landing to be recycled.”

Looking toward the future, the logo will be fully integrated into the University of Findlay society, and newcomers and current students will have continued education and interaction with the logo, according to Jenkins.

Jenkins stated that there are multiple resources to learn more about the logo, including the brand website at, which has resources like a PowerPoint template, digital letterhead, and email signature.

“We will be using the new brand messaging and graphic identity in everything we use to market the University from here forward including online, in paid advertising, in direct mail pieces and signage as a regular part of annual marketing strategy,” said Jenkins.

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