New COB Dean plans to revise curriculum, push networking

UF welcomes Kevin Renshler

By Jacob King

2015 was a year filled with new additions and improvements at The University of Findlay — one of the most significant being the welcome of a new dean. Kevin Renshler, Ph.D., was officially named dean of the College of Business in Dec. 2015

Renshler, who served as interim dean in August, was the previous dean over Barton College’s School of Business in Wilson, North Carolina. One of the things that drew Renshler to UF was the opportunity to grow.

“Findlay isn’t so large that we don’t have the opportunity to be able to change,” said Renshler. “Some schools are so large that they have to do what they did ten years ago. It would be too hard for them.”

Progressing and growing a university’s college is no simple task. However, Renshler accepted the challenge and has clearly outlined his goals for UF.

Renshler noted three factors that are important for change. The first is molding and uniqueness of students.

“When you arrive here you have a passion, and so if we can create a program where you get the proper attention, we can mold you into the best ‘you’ you can be,” said Renshler.

Second factor: creating students that are in high demand for companies. Renshler said it is a priority to create graduates that businesses “covet.”

“We want businesses to come to our institution and ask ‘how can we get your graduates?’” said Renshler.

The third factor centers on assisting students after graduation. Renshler said building connections and maintaining them is a key part to success.

“Lastly, even after you graduate, we still maintain that relationship and we still take care of each other,” said Renshler.

With good intentions and an eye for change, Renshler’s superiors and colleagues have expressed confidence in his time as dean in a UF news media release.

“Dr. Renshler’s leadership on an interim basis has already greatly benefited the College of Business and this University as a whole,” said President Katherine Fell, Ph.D.

Fell said his “ambitious goals” for progress and enhancement will prove meaningful toward the careers of UF’s future professionals.

Darin Fields, vice president for academic affairs is in agreement with Fell’s view on the quality of Renshler’s work.

“Dr. Renshler is an excellent choice for long-term leadership of the College of Business,” said Fields. “He will bring a strong sense of urgency and innovation to our programs, and an approach centered on student success at every level.”

Although humbled by the comments of others, Renshler attributed the praise to the progress that has been achieved during his time as interim dean.

“I just think what we tried to accomplish last semester was take a look at the curriculum and the programs we were offering students, to find ways that we could revise them to make them better, that was a major priority,” said Renshler.

Along with revising the curriculum, he said that establishing strong ties with the Findlay community was another important area that was focused on during his beginning time.

Ultimately, Renshler said that his number one goal is to make the College of Business “truly student centered.”

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