Month one of campus policing

Officers strive to build relationships with students 

By Melissa Carrick 

The University of Findlay police officers, Robert Mostoller and Steve Baum, teamed up with resident assistants, Megan Lasher and Parker Nash to deliver an Alcohol Awareness Program last month. 

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department loaned “drunk goggles”to UF for students to participate in a field sobriety test. The goggles simulate the vision impairment you experience when under the influence of alcohol. 

The new police officers have been actively involved on campus within their first weeks of full-fledged policing. According to William Spraw, UF’s chief of police and director security, there have been many positive occurrences from the initial reveal during Homecoming at the Oiler Bash to the cruiser on the mall where officers interacted with students. The officers also handed out UF ice scrapers which were “very well received” according to Spraw. 

Starting this week, Officer Hannah Warnecke will be assisting in self-defense classes taught by Chris Moser, assistant professor in the college of education. 

Captain Steve Baum, Sergeant Robert Mostoller and Officer Hannah Warnecke as well as Chief Spraw are the police officers on campus. According to Spraw, the police are mainly watching out for criminal violations, but the main purpose is to maintain a safe campus. 

“Our job is to assist students and make sure the campus is a safe place to be. Not much different than what security has been doing all along, but with a little more authority if necessary,” said Spraw. 

So far, the police have not encountered any major violations within the first couple of weeks. 

“Everything has been going very smooth. It has been a great transition. We have heard nothing but positive remarks,” said Spraw. 

Darius Merriweather, senior journalism and digital media major, had his first encounter with police recently after rolling a stop sign in front of Henderson. According to Merriweather, the first thing Officer Warnecke did was introduce herself then she politely explained what happened and he was on his way. 

“I think they are great for campus as they will make sure people are safer on campus where they can have different rules than the security,” said Merriweather. 

The UF Police stress that they are there to help and to provide another level of protection on campus as well as faster response to any type of threat on campus. 

“The philosophy of the campus safety and security office has not changed: to provide a safe environment for everyone – students, faculty, staff and guests,” said Spraw. 

For more information about safety procedures or the new officers, students can visit the security office at 201 Frazer St. or check out their new Facebook page “UF Office of Campus and Emergency Management.”

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