By Kevin Schrock

Bowling Green State University: that’s where University of Findlay senior Jordan Garcia was set to go as his final year of high school was winding down. However, the Fremont-Ross grad made a last-second decision that led him to the University of Findlay and he has never looked back.

It was Garcia’s love for baseball that made him question the decision he made. The Oilers’ assistant baseball coach at the time, Chris Antonides, was recruiting Garcia but he was still set on becoming a Falcon.

“I had my roommate, dorm, and classes for the first semester,” said Garcia. “The last week of my senior year I called Chris Antonides back and told him I wanted to play college baseball.”

It was a move that Garcia never second-guessed, even calling it “the best move of my life.”

Garcia made an immediate contribution on the field for the baseball team, playing in 42 games and hitting .271. However, baseball has served as more than just an athletic endeavor for Garcia.

“My dad passed away after my freshman year and I really had a family here at the University to fall back on,” said Garcia. “I didn’t know if I was going to come back or not but my mom forced me to come back a little bit but when I came back I was greeted with open arms and I really feel like I have over 40 brothers that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t play baseball here.”

In addition to baseball, Garcia has never shied away from getting involved in more activities on campus. He has been on the team for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) as well as the Findlay Dance Marathon.

“Dance Marathon was one of the greatest experiences I ever had,” said Garcia. “We raised money for the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals, and when it came down to seeing those kids that we actually raised the money for, putting in all that work was worth it.”

All of Garcia’s work in the classroom has also been worth it. He recently got word that the Cleveland Browns have offered him a full-time internship for special events and fan experience. He quickly accepted the offer and although the senior still has some paper work to complete, it appears he will be working there until March of next year.

Still, Garcia’s dreams go beyond working for the Browns and beyond working in an office. His passion lies in something he has been doing before he even came to the University.

“I want to just make music,” said Garcia. “If I could drop everything and just make music I would be the happiest person ever.”

About a month ago Garcia, or “JordieRob”, as his fans now know him, released his first mixtape, which he dubbed “Ides of March.” Since it was released it has accumulated almost 6,000 views on Soundcloud, and he says the response has been awesome.

“I was walking in BG the other night and some random kid stopped me and asked me, ‘Hey, are you JordieRob?’ I was like, ‘Yeah’ and he said ‘Man I listen to your songs and they’re good, keep going.’” said Garcia. “Stuff like that is so encouraging to me.”

Garcia also recently released plans for a show. The date is set for Thursday, April 28, which is the last day of exams for University of Findlay students. Although the venue is not yet set in stone for the performance, Garcia is confident that it will happen on that day.

Although one chapter of Garcia’s life may be coming to a close, the next one looks bright for the Fremont native. Whatever direction the soon-to-be graduate goes, success is sure to follow.

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