Framework for the COB building is set

UF’s latest project moves along thanks to local companies 

By Heidi Paxson

As students arrive on campus this fall semester, it is obvious that construction workers were productive this summer building the base for the new Center for Student Life and College of Business directly across from the Davis Street Building.

Myreon Cobb, director of the physical plant, says that the project counts as five acres of property.

The building itself will count for two acres of the project. Two acres to the west of the building will be ground water retention, and a parking lot. The third area to the south of the building will be the green space, and student activity area with sidewalks and landscaping, Cobb said.

When students left campus for the summer, the groundbreaking ceremony had just taken place. A few short months later, almost the entire frame of the building is now completed.

Ruscilli Construction Company will finish erecting the steel and will poor slab on the second floor within the next month or so, says Adam Drexel, vice president of operations.

While the building is still in construction, various business interior companies are bidding on the building.

The bidding process has been going on since the spring and the companies won’t find out further information until the building is closer to being completed.

Members of the UF community consider the building a turning point because it is going to change the way that students experience the school.

“I’m most excited about the classrooms for the students. Faculty will have more space to move students around for classroom activities,” said Maria Gamba, associate professor of business and SAP coordinator.

Students, faculty, community members, and alumni will have the ability to use the building to come together for events, lectures, and gatherings.

The COB building will provide a chance for learning and living to combine, and will engage students in a more interactive learning environment.

“It will help the way we conduct our classes and hopefully that will enhance the way we deliver our materials,” said Gamba.

The building is expected to be finished for the fall semester of 2017.

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