Domino’s moves closer to campus

Manager hopes pizza joint is an Oiler hangout 

By Melissa Carrick

From Mexican to Italian to a sushi bar, the ever changing restaurant on Main Street near campus is getting yet another makeover. This time, the change should be permanent, as it will now be the home for Domino’s.

Many have been speculating about this change and wondering why Domino’s would open another store only six blocks away from the original Domino’s at 224 N. Main Street. John Brubeck, general manager of Domino’s, has put an end to the speculation stating,

“This location will be closing because we need more space to change the perception of Domino’s,” Brubeck said. “We still want to be the best at delivery, but we want to welcome customers to sit down and enjoy a dining experience.”

Major changes are being made at the new location from painting the outside to redoing the whole inside of the restaurant, only keeping a couple coolers. Now, Domino’s will be within walking distance for students to pick up pizza or sit down and enjoy a meal. Brubeck hopes that this new location will become a hangout for college kids.

“It is a bonus to be so close to Findlay’s campus and the new restaurant will be a great location for students to eat in, watch the game on the TVs and use the free Wi-Fi.”

Meredith Hartman, sophomore pre-vet major, is excited for Domino’s to be closer to campus stating,

“It was a hassle when it was further down Main Street and now that it is closer we will be able to walk to it instead of waiting on delivery,” Harman said.

Although there is no set opening date, Brubeck says the owner is aiming for the last week of September or the first week of October, but anything could happen. Once they open they would like to start having a college night during the week for students to enjoy.

The new location is not opening for several weeks, but Domino’s is always hiring delivery drivers, assistant mangers and more. Brubeck also mentioned that they have flexible hours for students — no matter how many hours they would like to work each week.

Domino’s is the only pizza place the University can get with the Sodexo contract that is in place. The new Domino’s will now be the closest sit-down restaurant within walking distance of campus right after QQ’s. Domino’s, however, accepts bonus bucks.

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