Top 10 Facts About World Series

1. The Fall Classic didn’t begin until 1903- other post-season championship series existed before that

2. American Association folded in 1891 and the National League absorbed four of the American Association’s former franchises, expanding to twelve teams

3. William C. Temple built the foundation of post-season popularity with a championship trophy to the winner of best of seven games. Winning franchise received 65% of sales while losing got 35%

4. In 1901 the American League was established and baseball became engaged in a civil war between the National and American League circuits

5. The National Agreement compromise in 1903 resulted in a merger of the two leagues that has lasted to this day

6. Boston and Pittsburgh, top National and American Leagues, competed against each other in the first official “World Series”

7. Through completion of the 2014 World Series, the American League has won 63 World Championships and the National League has won 47

8. There was no World Series in 1904 because the New York Giants refused to play Boston

9. Bill Wambsganss made an amazing fielding feat of an unassisted triple play in the 1920 World Series after catching a line drive hit by Clarence Mitchel, stepping on to second to putout Pete Kilduff and tagging Otto Miller coming in from first

10. New York Yankees have been to the World Series the most times


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