Bostic heading to Europe

Former UF basketball star Josh Bostic to play professional basketball overseas

By Martyce Kimbrough

After travelling around the word playing for many different professional teams overseas and even in the NBA, University of Findlay alum Josh Bostic is now heading to Europe to play professional basketball.

Bostic is on the VEF Riga professional basketball team based in Riga, the capital of Latvia. Bostic said that these types of contracts usually last about seven or eight months, but his current contract ends in June.

The basketball pro graduated from UF in 2009 and has been a part of many professional teams since his graduation. In September of 2014, Bostic made it to the highest level of basketball and played in the NBA for the Detroit Pistons.

“I give all glory and honor to God,” said Bostic. “That entire experience is one that I always dreamed of and it was something that I will never forget.”

Bostic was a member of the Pistons’ pre-season team in 2014 and performed well enough to be invited to training camp. After a lot of hard work and dedication, Bostic was able to get a spot on the roster and become a member of the team.

“It took a lot of hard work and patience,” said Bostic. “At times I would get frustrated but I told myself to hang in there and keep working because it will pay off.”

Bostic refers to his time in the NBA as a dream come true.

“It was something I always dreamed of doing as a little kid and then I finally got my opportunity,” said Bostic. “I still have my jersey hanging up at my house.”

Former head coach for UF’s men’s basketball team, Ron Niekamp, coached Bostic during his years at Findlay. He says it is no surprise to see the success that Bostic has achieved due to work ethic that he witnessed first-hand.

“Obviously Josh was very talented and skilled but the thing I always will remember is that he was always the hardest working player at practice every single day,” said Niekamp. “He was a tremendous competitor and a great leader and those skills caught on to our other players.”

That hard work and leadership showed for Bostic during his college years as he was a two-time all-American and also led the Findlay Oilers to a perfect 36-0 record and a national championship during his senior year.

Bostic reflects on his college days and believes he grew a lot as a player and a person while at Findlay.

“I came in big headed with a chip on my shoulder then I was humbled very quickly,” said Bostic. “I learned a lot from my coaches and peers. Findlay will always have a special place in my heart.”

Bostic has played professionally in countries such as Japan, Belgium, France, and Russia. Bostic just signed a deal to play with VEF Rega and is looking forward to begin a new season with a new team.

“I am very blessed to get this opportunity and I am excited to get it started,” said Bostic. “I am currently training and getting myself prepared physically and mentally to play at the best level I can possibly play.”

Bostic still would consider playing at the NBA level if given the opportunity.

“If the opportunity presented itself I would consider it,” said Bostic. “I would have to discuss it with my family and decide what the best decision for me is.”

With UF’s men’s team approaching the GLIAC tournament and their final regular season game in the books, there is a lot of talk about how the Oiler men will finish their season this year.

Bostic said that he’s proud of the 2015-2016 Oiler squad but wants them to know that they must continue to push to get better in order to have a successful run in the tournament.

“When you’re the top team you’re going to get everyone’s best so we have to be prepared,” said Bostic.

4 thoughts on “Bostic heading to Europe

  1. Don Fenimore jr. says:

    Nice article! Love watching Findlay Oilers basketball. I started watching the year before they went 36-0 and been hooked ever since. GO OILERS!

  2. James Wilson says:

    Congratulations Josh Bostic! My name is James Wilson you might know my sister Naomi Wilson from Westland high school. I’m a former basketball player from Westland. I’m in college now playing for Ohio Christian University. Hopefully, with hard work I could take my game to the next level like you did.

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