Political climate on campus heats up

Check-in with the College Democrats and Republicans 

By Darius Merriweather

With Election Day rapidly approaching, most Americans are pretty set on who they are casting their ballot for come November. The same can be said at the University of Findlay.

Students have been increasingly involved in supporting their candidates and the two student groups leading the charge are the College Republicans and the College Democrats. Both groups have been visible on campus and have been advocating in the community for their respective candidates.

The College Republicans have been a mainstay on campus with being the larger of the two. Ashley Summerfield of College Republicans said their involvement has been small; however, they have an email list of over 150 members who are involved when their schedule allows.

“It is so important that we, as millennials, become educated and get involved in the political process,” said Summerfield.

When it comes to supporting their candidate, Erin Shonk, who serves as chairwoman of the College Republicans, said the club is not 100 percent sold on their party’s candidate.

“Some of our members are aboard the ‘Trump Train’ while some are not huge fans of Trump,” said Shonk.

Summerfield echoed this message when asked about the club’s support of the party’s nominee. She added that they are shifting their focus to local candidates.

“Throughout the semester, our organization has decided to focus more on our senate race when it comes to grassroots campaigning,” said Summerfield.

The College Democrats, who were not as visible in previous years, are now beginning to grow as a group with their support around campus for their candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Jacob Sarver, the leader of the club, explained that the club is still in the process of developing.

“We are still in the process of working out all the kinks and getting things rolling; however, Democrats that are a part of the club have been active in helping our candidate,” said Sarver.

Several UF College Democrats have been volunteering at the Clinton Campaign office on Main Street near campus: making phone calls, meeting with local Democratic candidates, and watching the debates together.

Both groups will be participating in the upcoming Mock Election sponsored by the Findlay Media Network on Nov. 1. There will be two voting locations on campus open from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.: the AMU fireplace and the Davis Street Building main lobby. Students who cast a vote will get a “Rock the Mock” T-shirt.

To learn more information or get involved with College Republicans, contact Shonk at shonke@findlay.edu. If you’re interested in College Democrats, contact Jake Sarver at sarverj@findlay.edu.

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