Poli-sci major works for Hillary for America

Sarver is also heading up the reformation of  UF College Democrats

By Ashley Summerfield

In the recent weeks, freshman political science and PR major Jacob Sarver had the opportunity to experience the excitement of working for a presidential campaign.

Sarver was a volunteer for Hillary for America, the campaign supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential race.  During his time as a volunteer he made over 300 calls asking for Secretary Clinton’s support and answering questions regarding Clinton or even the voter’s polling place.

“This has really opened my eyes to just one part of campaigns,” said Sarver, enthusiastic about campaigning again in the future.

“I plan to work with the party when Hillary gets the nomination for the election in November, hopefully,” said Sarver.

As a freshman and newly proclaimed political science major, Sarver is enthusiastic about his future in the political world.  While taking part in campaigning for Clinton, he was able to make connections that could lead to future opportunities in the field.

“Politics is really all about connections,” said Sarver.

Networking is a huge part of getting a start in politics.  Sarver realizes this, so he is getting involved anyway he can in order to grow in his skills.  Sarver gained a great deal of knowledge regarding campaigns and politics in general, which has sparked his interest even further.

Sarver met a Field Staff for the Democratic Party of Ohio and was offered an opportunity that he couldn’t pass up.

“He offered me an interview for an internship with the Democratic Party,” shared Sarver.

The Field Staff then visited UF to interview Sarver and help him as he forms a College Democrats club on campus.

“We have been on their list of getting a Democratic club started and when he met me he figured I could help get the ball rolling,” said Sarver.

Not only did Sarver gain campaign experience, but he was also able to network with influential members of the Democratic Party.

“This just shows that you never know who you’re going to meet,” said Sarver.

Sarver is encouraged by the opportunities he has gained throughout his recent experiences in the political world.  As he develops the College Democrats club at UF, he hopes to see students get more involved on campus.

In addition to this, Sarver will serve as a main component of the Political Science club, which has recently come back to campus.  His great start in politics has equipped him to be an asset to both the success of the College Democrats and the Political Science club.  Sarver looks ambitiously to the future and the opportunities to come for him personally and for the UF students.

Sarver is seeking Democratic students to join him in the formation of the club.  If you are interested in hearing more about the College Democrats club or getting involved, contact Jacob Sarver at sarverj@findlay.edu.

In the long-term, Sarver plans to pursue a career as a politician.  He is interested in attending law school and continuing to work on the campaign trail before reaching his end goal.

Sarver’s experience with Hillary for America has opened many doors and given him a sense of adrenaline for his future in politics.

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